Sunday, August 17, 2014

Students' Feedback # 4

# 3: Zee Abdullatif, Currently in Private Classes

"I am studying Medina Arabic book 1 with sister Nasrin from past 6-7 months.

Sister Nasrin is a good teacher very enthusiastic, friendly and easy-going. She treated me with respect during her classes and was interested in helping and supporting me. She motivated me to love the subject she was teaching. She created a positive impact on my life that reshaped my vision and purpose to learn Arabic.

The class is a weekly one hour class through skype in which we learn lessons from Medinah Arabic Book 1,grammar rules based on the lesson, review of previous class ,checking the homework and clearing of doubt of students. Every students are considered and they get their turn of reading as class work and giving replies to questions asked by the teacher, and to clear their doubt.

She utilizes every moment of the class. She was able to keep us engaged during her lessons, think, and ask good questions and help us every possible way. She gave homework checked it regularly. she helped me improve my Arabic handwriting by giving a soft copy of a writing book. she instructed to take its print out write 2 pages daily n send its picture to her for correction. This writing part of homework was apart from the regular weekly homework from the text which helped me lot.
No doubt she is very kind but quite strict about attending the classes regularly ,no absence from the class without prior notice and without a legitimate excuse. I realized that learning can be fun and a life-long experience with her or with teachers who are kind but firm like her.

Jazak Allahu khair
Narjis Yasmeen"

Friday, August 15, 2014

Rules & Regulations of Arabic Learning Center

These are few other rules and regulations of this center along with those mentioned on the contract sheet.
  1. There is no make up for the missed classes by the students. 
  2. Students are charged for each classes they miss regardless of the excuses. 
  3. No more than 15 minutes of lateness acceptable. After 15 minutes, students are marked absent and charged for the hour. 
  4. The payment must be done for 4 weeks (one month) before the first day of class. 
  5. For free group course: 4 absences within 2 months require renewal of the admission to the course (Must pay $15 dollars registration fee).

Friday, July 18, 2014

Why don't you give any free "trial" classes?

Question: Why don't you give any free "trial" classes? 

Answer: When I was looking for a teacher for myself, I always took advantage of this free "trial" classes option to know what type of teacher I am going to have. I took many trail classes with many teachers. After the trail classes, when I continued to take classes, I realized that the teachers are not as good as they seemed in the trail classes. I felt like that was a drama class to act as excellent teacher than one really is. I just did not trust people any longer as much as I used to before. I felt like people were out for making money than teaching sincerely. 

Therefore, I kept no trial classes for myself. I am no good actor of any sort at all. I do not know how to act like the best teacher for a day or two for the sake of gaining students. 

I believe I am teacher at heart, and I love teaching greatly. I sincerely care for my students' success. When I see my students are doing great, it brings me happiness while encourages me to teach further and better.

Question: How to send money/payment via paypal? 

Answer: Follow the steps mentioned in these images, click on the images to make them bigger.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3